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Renewable Energy

Offering custom services to the Anerobic Digestion sector, O J Neil Contracting has been involved with AD since 2010 having been awarded the harvesting contract for the first fully operation plant in Suffolk. Since this date the company has been awarded contracts with a further 8 fully operation AD plants between Colchester and Spalding and has become the largest energy crop harvesting contractor in East Anglia.

Since the first contract in 2010 the business has gained a vast amount of experience in both the harvesting and growing of both Whole crop Rye and energy Maize. With three forage harvesters totalling 2765HP, we are able to ensure that crops are cut at their optimum.

O J Neil Contracting builds long term relationships with its Customers by offering sound advice, consistent work quality carried out by its own dedicated full time workforce.

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Key Facts

across three harvesting teams

AD plants

of energy crops harvested per year

Services to the Industry

Maize Harvesting

Operating three high capacity forage harvesters from both Claas and Krone, O J Neil Contracting has the ability to cut in excess of 400 acres a day. The harvesters can cut from 3mm to 17mm enabling us to service both the AD market and the livestock sector.

Wholecrop Harvesting

O J Neil operates two harvesters on Wholecrop Rye, each fitted with direct cut wholecrop headers.


Our Horsch Meastro drill is used for our contract drilling and features auto row shut off, fertiliser placement and is guided by RTK ensuring accuracy is kept with 3cm.


The company operates both Loading shovels and tractors equipped with dozer blades.

Liquid Digestive Injection & Solid Digestate Spreading

We operate a 22500ltr Joskin Euroliner with the options of 24m Vogelslang booms or 6m Kaweco cultivator for injecting direct into the soil. Our 70m3 nurse tank is used for reloading.

Our fleet of self-propelled Vredo spreaders equipped with Tebbe boxes on carry out our solid spreading.

Haulage Services

We organize haulage through our office and offer both walking floor services and tankering for our liquid products.

Key Contact

Richard James


Richard is operations manager for all contracting businesses Biogas and Biomass operations. He is responsible for the harvesting of 11,000 acres of energy crops and all the straw procured through the Biomass Company.

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